Indian Weddings

Indian Wedding, the best days of ones life.

A sacred event like a marriage must be held at an idealistic place

Reminiscing about the best days of one's life, a divine event like the best marriage must be held at an idealistic place in the heart of Bangkok where is a perfect place for you. Who wouldn’t want their D-day to be in the premises of tropical beaches and magnificent temples?

Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit, could be a great choice as it takes pride in hosting Indian weddings to celebrate the bride and groom’s ceremonies. Ours specialises in holding up Indian weddings and making them as following your style as you want it to be.

Indian Wedding at Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit

Indian Weddings

 Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit has a special team for executing Indian Weddings and hence it can be a desirable option for each and every ceremony in a wedding of yours. We would gladly indulge in to take care of all the intricate details. Thence, we ensure there is a feeling of contentment at each celebration of yours be it; Mehendi, Haldi, Baraat, Sangeet, Shaadi, Doli, and the reception party.

It has and always will plan unforgettable Indian Weddings for our dazzling couples, remaining significant for the couples, guests, and for us as well. Being in the heart of Bangkok, we throw the most magnificent Indian Weddings celebrations, with various themes like a royal, traditional, fairytale, classy and much more.

Food being the essential part, we have a great culinary team which won’t fail to astonish you. Suiting each type of event, Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit has a variety of event rooms, where are capable of holding a range of 60 to 650 people in your Indian Weddings.

Barring no rituals in Indian Weddings, we have event places appropriate for each ceremony.

One of the most talked-about pre-Indian Weddings is the 'Sangeet' which is a time to sing and dance. It is a sight where everyone’s just enjoying to the fullest; it’s a wonderful instance when all the Indian Weddings guests get together and come to know each other more. And so, we have a ballroom for this big and exceptional event wherein you might have a number of guests. It would be just the perfect place fora full of life sangeet ceremony.

The 'Mehendi' an observance of beauty and elegance and has a deep-rooted cultural significance. One of the 16 adornments of a bride is the Mehendi and her splendour is incomplete without it. Your nuptial days are just going to be so exhausting so you can keep one of the pre-Indian Weddings ceremonies in a relaxing flair yet, an excellent experience for every person at your Indian Weddings and hence, the Mehendi or Haldi could be held at our poolside, a perfect chilled out nonetheless a stunning affair where would just give an accurately tropical vibe to the entire triumph.

Then comes up the splendid day, the moment cherished by every couple having an individual sentiment, the Indian Weddings day can be held at any of the event rooms according to the number of guests arriving in Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit. Our place has very style of the event room. This grand day of one’s life undoubtedly cannot be without every near and dear one. And hence, Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit has a Grand Ballroom which can hold as big as 650 guests of your Indian Weddings.

If anything has the power to take a moment to pause and make you take in that life isn’t bad, it is the breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city accompanied by the beverage you like. For the best, you can experience the Indian Restaurant in Bangkok at Maya Restaurant and bar where is a place with a grand city rooftop view with stylish & chic interiors. Adding a cherry on top of the cake you could hold up a flamboyant cocktail party here. You can get pleasure from the ultimate Indian cuisine served here. After the feast, you can just gang up with your darling ones and swing to the peppy and upbeat music at the set until late in the evening.

Featuring the ballrooms, pools, everyday laundry, 24x7 access to fitness centres, tanning beds to parks like the Benjasari park, a few minutes’ walks from the hotel, proving an oasis of relaxation and calm. Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit just has every kind of aspect that you would require.

A famous quote says “a place is made beautiful by the people living in it and creating it.” And so, we have a great staff in every feature, and a special team handling Indian Weddings.

The wedding day is a vital date for everyone and to make it special you need to choose an out of the ordinary venue. It is important as it sets the entire atmosphere of Indian Weddings and also, another crucial thing in a marriage is the food. Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit brings out the superlative out of the two most essential facets of a wedding.


“But a city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time.”

-Patrick Gaddes-

Punch in at Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit, in the splendid city of Bangkok to make your Indian Weddings extraordinary, smashing and dramatic.

Leave all the work to us, and get ready to dig into Indian Weddings celebrations!


Event Room
Grand Ballroom

Wedding Ceremony

Our expansive, pillar-less Grand Ballroom is the perfect venue for your day. This 595sqm events space has dedicated lifts and access points, the latest technologies, and dedicated on-site event specialists to ensure everything runs like clockwork. With capacity for up to 650 people and a choice of fully customizable seating arrangements allows you enjoy the perfect venue for your special.

Indian Weddings

Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit takes the pride of hosting wedding events to celebrate the bride and groom’s ceremonies.  We take the delight of looking at all the intricate details to ensure there is a feeling of contentment at the celebrations be it in the, mehendi, haldi, baraat, sangeet, shaadi, doli, and the reception party. It has and will always be memorable in planning weddings for our beautiful couples which remain significant for the couple, guests, and for us as well.

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Family Staycation Package

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Save Unlimited Package

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Party Package at Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit

Party Package at Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit

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Sunday Seafood Brunch Buffet

Sunday Seafood Brunch Buffet

Enjoy the ‘Sunday Brunch Buffet’ at Zeta Café, Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit.

Indian Sunday Brunch at Maya Restaurant, Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit

Maya Sunday Brunch

Indulge the delicious Sunday Brunch at Maya Restaurant with the genuine Indian delicacies.

Wedding Package at Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit

Wedding Package at Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit

Weddings are as intimate or lavish as you please. Make a special wish and discover exciting benefits in our wedding week at Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit!

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